Are you in search of a Pure White Trash Hat? You have landed in the perfect spot. Take a quick moment to look at our High Class White Trash Trucker Hats. There is honestly no difference between the words White Trash and Pure White Trash. The meaning is actually the same. There is a giant history behind the word White Trash & Pure White Trash. Today though we only want to talk about our version and brand of Pure White Trash Hats.

Here is a few examples of the High Class White Trash Lifestyle Brands of a "Pure White Trash Hat".

White Trash has been around for centuries! It means nothing more than you were raised in a poor to "Middle Class" family. High Class White Trash means you were raised in a poor to middle class family but have come out on top and/or are highly intellectual. Take it with a grain of salt. Have fun. Don't take yourself to serious. Life is to short to take yourself so serious or get offended and/or hurt over every word spoken. We hope you enjoy the HCWT "Pure White Trash Hats". We have added over 100 different styles and color options and continue to build our brand selection. Also don't forget to take the time to check out our High Class White Trash Hoodies, High Class White Trash Flags, and our High Class White Trash Accessories


Searching for a White Trash Hat? You have found the right spot! Check out all our hats here. White Trash Hats. Maybe a little history of White Trash first? Don't be ashamed or embarrassed for now you're part of the High-Class White Trash movement. Welcome to our High-Class White Trash family!

What is White Trash you ask? Simply put an individual or associate of a lesser or deprived white societal group. The concept of White Trash has been around for over 400 plus years. This isn’t new folks. Basically, we are talking about very poor white people who did not come from great homes or have any formal schooling. Yup. That’s it in a nut shell.

What is the difference between White Trash and High-Class White Trash? Not much really. High-Class White trash basically indicates that you’re stronger from your surroundings and upbringing. In other words, you raised in a hellish environment but from this upbringing you have learned the streets smarts to do something with it. Your upbringings have given you the common sense of an old wise man, life morals of a priest, loyalty of mans best friend the dog and the honesty of drunk teenager sipping on gin and juice.

Therefore, we love High Class White Trash and support the movement. Check out some of our White Trashing Clothing line here. Especially our HCWT Hats or as we like to say our White Trash Hats.



Another way to describe High Class White Trash is as follows. A “Super” smart, highly sophisticated individual who have come from a very poor upbringing or from a middle-class style family. This is us! This is exactly why we love our White Trash Hats. Some people don't understand by wearing the High-Class White Trash clothing brand you are absolutely telling people that you're smarter than them or smarter then they think you are! Wear the White Trash Hat with pride. It has an amazing history behind it. As matter of fact over 400 years of White Trash History in the making.

So, when someone see's you walking around with your White Trash apparel on it's your little way of telling them to all go pound sand I'm smarter than you lol! So that is the basic White Trash Story. The story of the struggling white class growing up but rising to the top even with their poor upbringing conditions and living circumstances. A mindset of never giving up. Digging in and taking control of  your life even with the circumstances dealt to you. You know who you are. The smart mother f*cker sitting back in the high grass just lurking around waiting to pounce on the next opportunity dealt to you. You know who you are and so don't we.

Welcome to the High Class White Trash family. We love having you along for the ride. Whether you're walking around showing casing your white trash clothing or describing that white trash trailer you grew up we got your back. We are happy to have fellow another fellow white trasher sippn a Rum and Coke out of their White Trash Tumblr. Again welcome to the family and don't forget to check out all our products including our High White Trash Tshirts.