High Class White Trash. The Evolution Of High Class White Trash

Just a quick thank you for the support from Scott & Bryan and a little background slash insight and update. The idea for HCWT started a couple years ago as I was licking my wounds so-to-speak as a recently divorced father of two, hanging out on my backyard deck. I was able to keep my house at least and as I sat there on my needing to be stained deck, decorated with the likes of a fake palm tree from a Corona Beer display, a Chillin The Most flag from a Kid Rock cruise, little multi colored x-mas tree lights strung up under my Monster Energy easy-up ( that my ex absolutely hated), looking out at my average above ground pool, in my average backyard, I thought to myself….”This ain’t so bad, I feel pretty good about my high class white trash backyard set up”.

I own a promotional marketing business so I printed up some decals and started giving them out to all my HCWT friends and it wasn’t long after, that I realized that there’s a whole bunch of people who feel just like I do. You either get it or you don’t and if you get it, you totally get it and if it has to be explained to you, you probable will never get it…and that’s totally ok. Fast forward to this past spring where Scott and I teamed up, literally as youth baseball coaches, hit it off almost instantly, and he too…oddly enough also recently divorced not only got it, but was totally into it. Scott being as he likes to say, the computer nerd and me being as I like to say, just a tee shirt guy, decided to team up and see if we can’t turn this into something. We’re not exactly sure what that something is but one thing is for sure, we know we are not alone and that there is undoubtably a lot of you out there. As we slowly bring some ideas and items to market, bear with us as we are indeed a true start-up in every sense of the word, doing this in our spare time in the back room of my business.

It all started with a decal and in a few short months we have seen our FB page grow from 99 likes to 875 likes and we totally appreciate that. We have a ton of ideas, have trademark registered the brand and are thinking big….like real big. Do we have the next Life is Good or West Coast Choppers or Metal Mulisha, Vineyard Vines or fill in the blank apparel brand? I don’t know but we do know that there are those like us are out there, lots and lots of you. Regular, America loving, good time having, not taking yourself to seriously, laughing at ourselves, 100% fake free men and women who just get it. We are High Class White Trash Nation.

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